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Tampere Guitar Festival 2017Tampere Guitar Festival 2017

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Atmos Duo - ReflectionsAtmos Duo - Reflections

CD. Atmos Duo - Reflections

Petri Ahjokoski, guitar. Anu Ahjokoski, bass.


1.     Reflections                                         A. Ahjokoski
2.    Reimas Blues                                    P. Ahjokoski
3.    Walking Into A Butterfly        A. Ahjokoski
4.    Giant Schnapps                              P. Ahjokoski
5.    Wavemaker                                        A. Ahjokoski


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JazzRytmit 09.08.2017

    Now we´re operating in soft territories. In downy thoughts. Candlelight dreaming… Beautifully and  vividly commanding the six-string. Resonatingly sensuously accompanying on the elctric… Mixing classical, jazz and other styles with a high level of sophistication… On the banks of the Tammerkoski-river.
    On the case is Tampere couple Anu and Petri Ahjokoski, whose musicianship many visitors to Tampere may have heard in Paapan Kapakka. These equal ”partners in arms”, Anu on bass and Petri on guitar, own a sensual and solid professional background, with which they mold the music they play into an interesting, soft habit. That is really ear-friendly and calm inducing.
    This package may with good concience be called chamberjazz, without any artiface or gimmicks. The guitarstrings ring out their unique patterns and the bass follows suit with a gently commanding grasp.
    The solos take turns while the music as a whole stays sensuous and melodic without rhythmic interruptions. Petris guitarism is delightfully controlled, devoid of extraneous fretboard squeaks or other noises. In fact frighteningly clean, but nevertheless sophisticatedly skilled and dignified. Its own kind of soulful… I have heard big-named international stars play with the same touch. This is why I rate Petris work high.
    Anu, her bassplaying is sure-footed and fluently harmonious. The ensembleplaying with Petri flows seamlessly like walking hand in hand. Her fretless fivestring bass gains soulful charachter from her playing nicely. Equally in accompanyment aswell as in solos. Stout work with a gentle hand and emotion.
    Beautiful, controlled and for the most part unhurried music, that gives the listener a peaceful mind and puts one at ease. The danger with this kind of playing is that the listener will drift to sleep in the middle of everything. Or going numb to whats heard. This five song collection however did not pose such dangers.
    Feelgood tranquil musical moment, with a professional, but soulful touch. (OR). 12.6.2017

    Soft and gentle is the soundscape of Atmos Duo from Tampere. The fretless electric bass is one of my favorite instruments, and now it plays to its´ advantage in the hands of Anu Ahjokoski, since there is plenty of space. Petri Ahjokoskis´ guitar sits in the same timbral family, soft and warm.
The duo's long life together can be heard, the co-operation is very natural, flowing side by side at times, at times with one in the foreground.
    Half an hour of music, five compositions, two by Petri and the rest by Anu. The bopping Reima's blues is the briskest of the album, if not very hurried at that, Giant schnapps slows the tempo down slightly, and in Anu's songs, the tempos cool off even more toward the ballad that ends the album. As a matter of fact the overall feel regardless of the tempos is calm and soothing.
    The Duo plays beautifully, in a very controlled and moderate manner. However, dynamics and dramaturgy are so even that the impression is at times bordering on cautious. Perhaps this feeling is just a slight weariness from the album as a whole, because listening to the songs on their own one is hard pressed to find anything to object about. The slowest and most quiet one is to me also the most beautiful, the bare Wavemaker I find myself repeating over and over.