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KukkaisJazz 2013KukkaisJazz 2013

Petri Ahjokoski

Tampere Guitar Festival 2017Tampere Guitar Festival 2017

      Petri Ahjokoski, guitar.

Initially drawn to the guitar as a teenager by hardrock and metal he began taking lessons at 13 and was exposed to different styles in music oriented highschool.

Important early experience came around this time at two yearly guitar events where teaching and performances were given by Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Jeff Linsky, Frank Gambale, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore, Arlen Roth, Jim Ferguson and Jorge Morel. Having been exposed to such high level artists of different styles a limitless interest in the guitars possibilities and appreciation of all genres was instilled.

Petri studied classical guitar with among others Ronny Carlsson, Christian Baraldi and Simon Dinnigan. Mentors in the art of Jazz have included pianist Ander Bergrén aswell as bass- and guitarvirtuoso Fred T. Baker.

As a professional his work has included teaching, playing and composing for theatre and TV, sessionwork and ofcourse countless live performances on classical guitar, electric guitar, banjo and mandolin in settings varying from solo performances to symphonyorchestras.