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Atmos Duo - Calligraphy by Anu AhjokoskiAtmos Duo - Calligraphy by Anu Ahjokoski

Tampere Guitar Festival 2017
Photo: Antti KulmanenTampere Guitar Festival 2017 Photo: Antti Kulmanen

Petri Ahjokoski – Guitar, Anu Ahjokoski – Bass


Atmos Duo is an intimate énsemble performing sophisticated instrumental music. Its´ performances have been praised for being concert level listening experiences where both voices are equally featured in an engaging musical conversation.

Their style is based on jazz standards and their repertoire has also included cinematic- and TV-themes, pop, latin/bossa nova, classical, rock and blues.
In concert Atmos Duo performs primarily original compositions by Anu and Petri Ahjokoski that draw inspiration from the above mentioned styles.

Atmos Duo has been making music since 1990. What started as joint learning and experimental sessions, became over time a musical collaboration that continues to this day.
Based in Tampere, Finland, since 1997, Atmos Duo has played everything from intimate private parties through public events, big and small, to high profile corporate and government functions.

Anu and Petri, partners in marriage and music, are both accomplished musicians whose work experience include among other:
• Music for TV- and theatre, both performing and composing.
• Jazz festivals
• Sessionwork
• Symphonic work
They have performed in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Holland, U.K., Russia and U.S.A.