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Kukkaisjazz 2013Kukkaisjazz 2013

Anu Ahjokoski

        Anu Ahjokoski, bass and recorder.

Her musical evolution began at age 9 as a student of the recorder at Tampere Conservatoire in Tampere, Finland. Her musical gifts were already apparent at this young age and she won a number of awards and local competitions. The instruments traditional repertoire gave her exposure to reneissance and baroque music which continue to be a large part of her musical palette to this day. In her professional career the recorder has been heard as a soloist, as a chamber musician and in theatre performances.

Later the electric bass became part of  her arsenal. It, coupled with a boundless and eclectic musical taste, has led her to play everything from hip-hop, rock and metal to blues and jazz.

An intense period of playing and studying the doublebass led to an immersion in orchestral playing. Among others long and repeated stints in the Tampere Filharmonia. This work included opera, performances of major symphonic works and classic filmscores, premiéres of new works as well as live radio broadcasts and recording sessions.

Today the electric bass is her chosen instrument and the majority of her work is in the field of jazz ranging from duowork to bigband music. Her extensive work experience includes TV, theatre, recording sessions and ofcourse live performing in venues of every size and  format.

Anu is also a composer whose works have been heard in concerts on CD:s and in theatre.

Tampere Guitar Festival 2017Tampere Guitar Festival 2017